Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Mario 3D Land

Play as Luigi

Beating all of Special World 1 is not required to free and play as Luigi. After beating World 8 and opening the Special Worlds just travel to S1- Castle. Luigi has to be freed from Special World 1-Castle. Then tap the green "L" on the touch screen to switch to Luigi.

Maximum Lives Rewards

When you reach 1,000 lives you will hear applause -- but the count doesn't stop there! For the next The maximum number of lives in Super Mario 3D Land is 1,110 (represented by three crowns). Amassing this many lives will have several effects:
  • Super Mario (and Luigi) loses his hat
  • Little Mario (and Luigi) gets a hat

Final Level

To unlock the Final Level, get 5 Profile Stars (see below).

How to Get 5 Shiny Save File Stars

Here's how you can get five shiny stars next to your save file name:
  • Star 1 - Beat Bowser in World 8
  • Star 2 - Beat every level as Mario
  • Star 3 - Beat every level as Luigi. An L appears on the on the map screen (top screen) for each level you've beat with Luigi so you can keep track.
  • Star 4 - Get the Gold Flag (land on the very top of the flag pole) on every level, including the Special World. You can see a Gold Flag on the map screen (top screen) once you attain it so you can keep track.
  • Star 5 - Get every Star Coins in the game, including the Special World
  • Shiny Stars - Never die more than 5 times in a level - if you see the help box appear, simply restart your 3DS. You will return to the map screen outside the last level you beat. You will have to play the level you were working on again, but you won't be punished by losing your shiny stars.
  • Test Level

    At the Title screen, wait and you will get a preview of a level. Wait longer, and it will take you to a test level where you can practice your moves, and play in a 3D puzzle.

    Special World

    Beat World 8 to unlock the Special World.

    Play as Luigi

    Beat Special World 1 to unlock Luigi as a playable character.

    Mario's Hint

    Watch Mario closely -- he'll turn his head and look at secrets and 1-Ups you may not be able to see.


    Warp to World 2: In World 1-2 after the halfway flag jump on one of the coin blocks and press up to find a ledge higher up. Run right on the ledge and there will be an orange pipe that serves as a warp to World 2
    Warp to World 5. In World 4-2 go all the way to the end of the level and bounce off the of the last bounce pad to the left. Do a wall jump back to the right. Once on the ledge keep going right to find an orange pipe that warps to World 5.

    Secret Microphone Features

    It's a rather insignificant feature but the 3DS mic has some 2 useful functions. By blowing into the mic you can blow away all the dandelions on screen and automatically collect any hidden coins. In addition to this, you can blow away any ink blocking the screen from the ink black piranha plants.

    Flagpole 1-Ups

    carry any item to the flagpole and it will convert into a 1-Up.

    Golden Tanooki Suit

    Once you fail a level too many times, an item box with a golden Tanooki leaf will appear. Hit the box to get a Tanooki suit also makes you invincible!


    If you die 10 times, a P-wing from Super Mario Bros. 3 will appear and if you use it, it will take you to the end of the level.

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